Vinyl sheds offer a great balance of durability, affordability, and low maintenance to their owners. Duramax sheds come in a variety of sizes and are backed by a 7, 10 or 15-yearwarranty. Choose from a wide variety of quality sheds, which includes unique models like the 10’ x 13’ insulated building, or the 3’ x 10’ shed that can stand against a fence without taking up valuable yard space. The complete range of square footage of all Duramax sheds is 15 to 300 square feet. These sheds come in single and double door arrangements in three widths from 36 to 88 inches. Other features may include (depending on model): foundational kit, ventilation kit, additional single side door, and window and shelf kits.

Consider a vinyl shed as an all-purpose storage solution with little to no upkeep needed. Vinyl is fire resistant, never needs painting and is not susceptible to rot, mildew or pests. With their strong metal frames, great snow and wind capability, resistant vinyl exterior, and easy set-up, Duramax are a great low-hassle option. All Duramax sheds are made in the USA.

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